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We create individual software according to your expectations.


We design the best commercial solutions for your business.

Open source

Sensible and thoughtful use of open source software allows incredibly improve the quality of work in the company.
ISO certificate
We are still growing and making new certificates, in example PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate number:

Our Partners
We have partnerships with the leading manufacturers of commercial and open-source monitoring systems that allow us to offer solutions optimal to the requirements of functionality and cost.
Services offered to our clients are based on years of experience. Our experts obtained their practical knowledge working for telecoms, integrators and financial institutions. The confirmation of expert technical knowledge are numerous product and technology certifications.

Among the many services we would like to point especially:
  • Adjustment of available technical resources to increase the competitiveness of services,
  • Technological and product audits,
  • Cost optimization of operational systems,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Business continuity plans for strategic IT resources,
  • Technical designs,
  • Implementations,
  • Software development,
  • System platforms and products migration,
  • Systems integration,
  • Maintenance and development of operational systems.
IT Solutions

IT environment is already so complex and heterogeneous that without specific tools supporting its work, management and monitoring of resources and services would not be possible.

Among many solutions we offer those, without which it is difficult to imagine proper functionality of IT today:
  1. IT Service Desk

  2. Application and database availability and performance monitoring
    • Application monitoring
    • Database monitoring
    • ERP systems monitoring
    • Windows systems monitoring
    • WebServers and WebServices monitoring
    • Internet Portals monitoring
    • Custom applications monitoring
    • Web pages monitoring
    • Script monitoring
    • DNS monitoring
    • Exchange monitoring

  3. Infrastrucure and services monitoring:
    • Workstation and servers monitoring and management
    • Quality of IP services monitoring and reporting
    • LAN/WAN elements monitoring
    • IP SLA monitoring
    • Printers and UPSs monitoring
    • VMWare monitoring
    • NetFlow monitoring
    • Alarms monitoring
    • VoIP QoS monitoring
    • IP services provisioning
    • WiFi networks monitoring
Telco solutions

Solutions for telecommunications are extremely demanding because of performance requirements, near-realtime operations, number of concurrent workflows and processes, complexity of design and operation, the impact on revenue, which Operator obtains from provided mass services.

On knowledge and experience basis we can offer the following solutions:
  1. Integrated monitoring and reporting systems:
    • Fault management,
    • Performance management,
    • Security management,
    • Monitoring of network infrastructure,
    • Service management,
    • Reporting platforms.

  2. OSS/BSS integration, i.e.:
    • CRM: Clarify,
    • TT: Clarify, Remedy,
    • NIS: Smallworld, SunTech,
    • Cisco ISC.

  3. SLA contracts monitoring and reporting systems,
  4. Traffic flow monitoring systems based on NetFlow, IPFIX and others,
  5. Security domain monitoring and reporting systems,
  6. Network Inventory and Trouble Ticketing Systems,

  7. Configuration and Change Management Systems, i.e.:
    • Cisco LMS i ISC, IBM TNCM i TPM, HP BSA,
    • Opensource,
    • Own solutions.

  8. Systemy provisioningu usług, m.in.:
    • Activation/deactivation voice services platform for telephony,
    • VG WiMAX auto-configuration system,
    • Application for configuration of IP network elements (Lucent MAX, Cisco Routers).

  9. Interfacing to wide range of EM/NMS systems (i.e. Ericsson PEM, Alcatel RM1354, Alcatel SMC, Lucent NavisCore, Lucent NavisAccess, Siemens Surpass HiT, Tadiran MGW)
Business software

Dynamic development of the market requires constant improvement of processes in every company. The most effective solution is to implement an IT system supporting processes dedicated to the business.

We are specialized in providing on-demand IT solutions adjusted to the needs of customer.
  1. Our architects, analysts and developers have experience in:
    • diagnosing customer requirements,
    • analysis of the problem,
    • process design,
    • delivery of information and telecommunication systems related to customer service and support, and management of network infrastructure as well
    • implementation of products.

  2. In scope of product delivery we offer:
    • assistance in requirements identification and analysis of technology process, which is going to be supported by created software
    • software development by team of constantly trained programmers,
    • preparation of technical documentation of performed work in accordance with established standards,
    • insightful testing of delivered solution
    • support during product implementation,
    • systems maintenance,
    • warranty for work done, in scope agreed between the parties involved,
    • confidentiality in terms of used solutions and materials supplied by the client.

  3. Our references include:
    • independent and complete implementations, problem analysis through to implementation,
    • implementations based on the analysis provided by the customer,
    • participation in projects carried by many teams (including international teams).
VoIP, SIP Solutions

Voice solutions implemented in IP networks are not just "the other medium" of voice transmission. Currently they are heterogeneous environments "equipped" with software, where appear many integrated services and solutions, which increase Operator's income and improve communication between business users and Customers.

Our experience includes solutions and services listed below:
  1. Implementation of monitoring solutions for VoIP networks and NMS integration:
    • Probes generating and consuming VoIP traffic,
    • Validation of deployed connections,
    • Statistics collection and active monitoring for defined parameters of deployed connections.

  2. Performance measurements of VoIP network
    • Traffic characteristic analysis based on registered data (pcap),
    • Elaboration of test scenarios (SIP + RTP),
    • Elaboration of system load measurement methods,
    • VoIP network load,
    • Statistics collection for generated VoIP traffic i VoIP network load.

  3. Implementation of VoIP services in "cloud" (Cloud Computing)

  4. SIP based systems integration
    • HMS System – integration of OCS with Broadworks.

  5. Integration of PBX (IP/ISDN) systems with VoIP network (SIPTrunk)
    • eSBC implementation
    • Possibility of implementation additional application related to connection processing

  6. IPPBX centrals implementation using SipXECS system
    • Redundant architecture,
    • Implementation of interface via SipTrunk/ISDN,
    • Polycom, Snom, Grandstream, Audiocodes and other phones management,
    • Corporate Directory integration.

  7. Services related to implementation of enterprise IP telephony using hosted systems, i.e.:
    • Broadworks,
    • Telephone management,
    • Monitoring.

  1. For our projects development and implementation we use commercial software:
    • Computer Associates,
    • Check Point,
    • Cisco Systems,
    • Compuware,
    • Dell,
    • D-Link,
    • Harris,
    • HP,
    • IBM,
    • Juniper Networks,
    • ManageEngine,
    • RedHat,
    • SevOne,
    • Solarwinds,
    • AdRem Netcrunch.

  2. We use open source solutions as well:
    • Asterisk,
    • Cacti,
    • Freeswitch,
    • JasperReports,
    • Nagios,
    • Opensips,
    • Pentaho BI,
    • River Muse,
    • Zabbix,
    • Zenoss.

  3. For designing and implementation of own applications we use:
    • Java, JEE, Spring, Spring Boot,
    • PHP, PEAR, ADOdb, Symfony,
    • Template Engines: Smarty, PHPTAL,
    • C#, .NET, .NET Core,
    • Python,
    • Perl,
    • html 5,
    • css 3,
    • JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, React, Redux, Angular, Express.js,
    • C/C++,
    • mobile technologies (Android, iOS, Win8, React Native).

  4. We use tools to support the software development and delivery process:
    • GitLab, Jenkins, Docker,
    • JIRA, Redmine, OTRS,
    • JUnit, TestNG, JMock, Mockito, Selenium, Hamcrest, Jest,
    • SonarQube,
    • Ansible,
    • RabitMQ,
    • JMeter,
    • SoapUI,
    • Selenium,
    • CVS, SVN, GIT.

  5. Implemented solutions are based on various system platforms:
    • Solaris, Linux, Windows and work with databases: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MongoDB.
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